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Your Tax Deduction for A Brighter Future in Africa

Thursday, December 12, 2013 mick



End Of Year Give



Friends of Volunteers for International Development and Aid (VIDA),

If you are like many of us at VIDA you are hoping for a more just, equitable, and healthy world in 2014. There are major challenges ahead and the need is great in the regions in which we work. West Africa is one example, where lack of access to basic electricity dramatically undermines health, limits opportunities for education and development, and reduces a family's potential to rise up out of poverty.

Volunteers for International Development and Aid is helping implement on-the-ground solutions to pressing social and environmental issues with the solar panels for off grid community development projects, at gatherings with chiefs and partner non-profits, and on a very limited but efficiently managed budget. Our solar projects in Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Mali are shining examples of what is possible when like-minded people devote time, energy, and money to making the world a better place.

As you know, there is still so much more work to do, and we can only do it with your support. This holiday season, we are raising the final $30,000 we need to bring clean, renewable energy to ten schools and medical clinics in Ghana. With your donation, we’ll bring off-grid solar energy to thousands of people in West Africa. We’ll light up classrooms all over Ghana so more kids can go to school and so more adults can learn the life-enriching skill of reading. We’ll also bring electricity and lighting to medical clinics so nurses and doctors can give patients life-saving care in the darkness of night.  

Your generous donation helps us to create the kind of world we all want to live in. We’ll put every dollar of your tax-deductible donation to good work, whether you give $5 for a light switch in a medical clinic or classroom, $50 for LED light bulbs, $500 to dedicate a seat on the SolBus, or $5,000 to fund an entire community solar array. You will receive a receipt for your 100% tax deductible donation for your upcoming 2013 taxes. VIDA is a registered US 501(c)3.

Click here to donate. Or to discuss a donation, partnership, or sponsorship please contact us at info@thevida.org.

Happy Holidays and thank you for your support,

The VIDA Team








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