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The Solarize Liberia project is similar to VIDA's ongoing Solarize Ghana project except the scope and duration of Solarize Liberia is greater. This project is being completed in partnership with Youth Crime Watch of Liberia.

During the 2 year Solarize Liberia project, our team of West Africans and Americans will travel through Liberia in the SolBus and install off-grid, solar-electric systems on dozens of schools and medical clinics in rural communities that would not otherwise have electricity. The project will provide a dependable source of electricity, solar water purification, and cooking systems to each community.

  • Giving Power to Those in Need. With electricity in schools, communities will be able to teach evening classes and dramatically increase the number of students who attend each school. With electricity in medical clinics, doctors and nurses will be able to expand the hours of the clinic and refrigerate life-saving vaccines and medications.
  • Long-Term Sustainability. Solar electricity will enable each of these rural communities to address their energy needs sustainably, solve energy-infrastructure issues, and build local resilience.
  • Local Ownership. Our hands-on education workshops promote local ownership and maintenance of the solar arrays and help ensure long-term project success.

The SolBus. The Solarize Liberia team will travel on the SolBus—a 40-foot school bus that has been converted into a mobile solar workshop. The SolBus has space for twelve passengers; a solar workshop; and storage for all of gear we’ll need for each community including tools, wire, solar panels, batteries, hundreds of LED light bulbs, and vaccine refrigerators for medical clinics.

The Solarize Liberia Team: The core Solarize Liberia team includes: David Levine (Founding Director, VIDA), Zuo Taylor (Director Youth Crime Watch of Liberia), David Lettero (Solar Projects Coordinator, VIDA), Richard Yinkah (Founder & Executive Director, DIVOG), Carly Lettero (Sustainable Projects Coordinator, VIDA), Scott Barker and Jackson Veigel (film crew), Kyle Wegner (nurse), and Musa Mustapha (master craftsman, from Sierra Leone). We will hire additional Liberian team members when we arrive, including a solar intern.


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