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Liberia  |  Varney Town School Project

VIDA is very proud to report the opening of our new school in rural Liberia, West Africa. This is a project very near and dear to our hearts. VIDA volunteers first traveled to Varney Town, Liberia in early 2011 with our partners ActionAid Liberia. We were saddened to see the conditions of the regional school (pictured, left) and very quickly became motivated and dedicated to building a new school (pictured, right) that doesn't have to shut down every time it is windy or rainy. 

This project exemplifies VIDA’s strong commitment to international partnership and advocacy. We worked with our Ghanaian partners from DIVOG www.divog.org and ActionAid www.actionaidusa.org/liberia on community involvement, construction management, and in-country advocacy for Liberian government educational support. We traveled on several occasions  over the past two and a half years to support the project. We raised awareness and funds on our website. We held a fundraiser in Boston, hosted by VIDA coordinator Mike Devlin. So many volunteers worked so hard and now our ambitious dream has come true, the school is open and attended by not just the children of Varney Town, but also children from ten surrounding villages. While this is a great victory for international collaboration and we are so pleased to see students finally having access to education, our job is not finished.  Varney Town is way off the electric grid. We want to provide lighting in the school so it can be opened at night. We want to support the communities request to have a space for children to study at night as well as a place to hold adult education classes, gender equality curriculum and more. We can do this by installing solar panels on the school and providing lighting and power as we have done at many schools in other developing countries on the past. If you would like to support the advancement of the Varney Town School, you can contact us at info@thevida,org or click donate button on any of the pages on our website www.thevida.org/donate  for a tax deductible donation.


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