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VIDA's New Project

10-Jan-2013 Volunteers for International Development and Aid (VIDA) announce the implementation stage of the ‘Solarize Ghana’ Project. November 1, 2012
The Solarize Ghana project is the culmination of a year of planning, assessing, and coordinating with beneficiary communities and VIDA’s Ghanaian non-profit partner, Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (DIVOG). The Solarize Ghana trip will bring dependable solar energy, and solar water purification and cooking systems to eight rural Ghanaian communities. During the 10 week Solarize Ghana trip, the team will spend five to seven days in each community installing a solar electric system, building knowledge of and support for solar energy, and delivering three educational workshops: 1) Purifying Water with the Sun, 2) Cooking with the Sun, and 3) Photovoltaic Systems and Maintenance.
The team will travel on the SolBus—a 40-foot school bus to be used for the Solarize Ghana trip. The SolBus has space for ten passengers and equipment for the eight Solarize Ghana projects including: 1) photovoltaic systems, 2) Sun Kings, 3) sun ovens, and 4) Sun Frost refrigerators (for communities with medical clinics. The bus will be packed with equipment in the U.S. and will be shipped from Texas to Accra, Ghana.  
The Solarize Ghana team will convene in Ghana, pick up the bus, and purchase supplies that were not shipped, such as batteries for the solar installations and food. VIDA will also work with DIVOG to assemble the West African solar team and finalize the educational workshops.
The assessments are complete and the partnerships have been built. It is time for the Solarize Ghana team to meet and prepare the Sol Bus for its long journey to Africa. The team will be traveling from all parts of the country and convene in Corvallis Oregon the first weekend of November to start bus modifications, review the project schedule, and discus project expectations.
A feature length documentary will be made during the course of this project and film crew from Los Angeles will also be in Corvallis to start shooting the film.
Congratulations VIDA and good luck!!


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